Vertical Form Fill and Seal

What is Vertical Form Fill and Seal? (VFFS)

This is a process designed for speed and efficiency when packaging your dry or liquid products. Our proven machines are programmed to take your desired packaging material, create your specified size pouch, fill the pouch with your product and then seal it in one seamless process.

Single Solution for your Primary and Secondary Food and Product Filling 
Our VFFS machines are programmed to ensure that your product is filled at the quickest rate possible while delivering you multiple options to create exactly the type of packaging for your dry ingredients. This process also allows us to move your product from the primary stages, into a secondary packaging process. Once your products have been filled and sealed, they can then be inserted into a carton to finish off your packaging needs. This ability to move your products directly from the primary to secondary stages, within the same facility, saves you time and money in the production process. Sigma Services is your single source for a turnkey contract packaging solution.