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Excellence in Quality Contract Packaging for Minneapolis, MN

Choosing a contract packaging partner is an important step in moving your business to the next level. Whether it is a short term or long term need, Sigma can work with you to create a filling, warehousing, and/or distribution plan to create the highest quality products in the most cost effective manner. Our unique approach to primary and secondary contract packaging in one location delivers you amazing results in product quality and streamlined logistics.

Streamlined Approach for Success in Minneapolis

It is known that when you streamline a process from beginning to end, delete the unnecessary and improve the routines, you can produce excellence in production and delivery of products. Sigma Services has over 20 years of experience in refining our contract packaging process, delivering superior products by housing both of our primary and secondary contract packaging manufacturing in one location. We have eliminated the extra product travel during the production process and refined our techniques to produce a cost effective and consistently excellent contract packaging service.

Our Primary Packaging Services Include:
  • Dry Fill
  • Pouching
  • Liquid Fill
  • VFFS (Vertical Form Fill and Seal)
  • Flow Wrapping
  • Rigid Containers
  • Stand Up Packaging
Our Secondary Packaging Services Include:
  • POP Display
  • Promotional Packaging
  • Shrink Wrapping
  • Kit Assembly
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