Why Sigma?

Why Sigma?

It is imperative to find a contract packaging company who can be a partner for your business. A company that understands the trends of the industry and one that has the experience to navigate the ever-changing waters of distribution and fulfillment services, while also innovating to stay ahead of the curve.

Sigma Services Corporation has been a valuable partner to many of the biggest names in the consumer products industry over the past 30 years because we value partnerships and excellent service. We have created processes and systems to become the single source solution for excellent contract packaging services.  We have developed new fulfillment processes and updated our machinery, innovated our employee training and hiring practices and streamlined our production as we gain new experiences and new partnerships. At Sigma Services we understand the key role that supply chain management and logistics play in order to have a successful business operation.

Our mission is to surpass your every expectation and deliver excellence in products, quality and service. We have developed processes with unmatched agility and consistent execution, allowing us to earn our customers’ trust and to build strategic partnerships with several Fortune 500 companies.

Variety of Services
Our client offerings vary in scope from full-scale sourcing, procurement and program management with dedicated facilities and equipment, to seasonal projects requiring leased equipment. We process over a quarter of a billion dollars of consumer and industrial products per year with a damage/loss ratio near zero.

Capital & Equipment Investment
Every project accepted by Sigma Services is qualified through a comprehensive review to determine whether there is a need for additional investment in either capital or equipment. We survey our current extensive inventory of packaging equipment and machinery to determine the best-suited process to meet the client’s objective. If it is decided that our in-house facilities are not the exact fit for the situation, we will make the necessary investments to ensure that you receive the needed solutions for your packaging requirements.

State of the Art Facilities
We have doubled our facilities and increased our square footage to encompass over 340,000 square feet of packaging, fulfillment and warehousing space. The facilities allow us to provide maximum flexibility in logistics, cost management and excellent customer service.

Dependability & Stability
Our experience and expertise in the food contract packaging industry has been forged by 30 years of partnerships and rapid company growth. We are proud to have a strong and dedicated workforce that is expertly trained with a commitment to service. Our team of professionals allows us to focus on our customer’s priorities and ensure that we are meeting your delivery schedules on time, every time.

Top of the Line Organizational Control
Our Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system allows us to integrate multiple organizational systems and provides a central focus for the design of our processes. Detailed project quality and standard controls are created to ensure customer expectations are not only met, but exceeded. Sales Orders, Bills of Material and Inventory are controlled through this one system to quickly identify any possible production issues and allow us to immediately resolve them to ensure on-time delivery of orders.